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    Ilham Najafov's biography

    Ilham NAJAFOV was born in Baku on 1963 / 06 / 07 1971 entered the music school, clarinet class 1978-1982 study in Baku Music College 1982-1984 soloist of the military orchestra 1985-1990 study at Baku Music Academy 1985-1990 soloist of the Orchestra by Azerbaijan National TV & Radio 1989 study placement at Tashkent State Conservatory 1990-1994 orchestra artist of Azerbaijan National Opera & Ballet Theatre 1994- up to now methodic instructor on wind instruments, Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan Ilham Najafov is a skillful wind instrumentalist. He deliberately plays on Western instruments ( clarinet, saxophone) as good as on national Azerbaijani instruments (tutek, ney, zurna). At present Ilham Najafov is enjoying the reputation of best known and popular musicians in Azerbaijan, professionally working in different music genres: national folk, contemporary symphonic and chamber music, jazz, pop. Last years he reveals interest also in playing the Sufi spiritual music on ney.

    Ilham was born in Baku. Besides him, 4 out of 8 children in this family became musicians. From his childhood Ilham showed interest to music and especially, to wind instruments, simultaneously studying also drawing. In music school he started with lessons in piano and kemancha ( national bowed string instrument), but later moves on to clarinet. In musical college he learns to play not only on clarinet, but also on national instruments (zurna, tutek, balaban, ney ).He becomes particularly enticed by ney ( a type of ancient flute), and this instrument remains one of his main attractions. The musician successfully toured abroad . in Syria, Turkey, Egypt, USA, Sweden, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and other countries. His performance was highly acclaimed by world class musicians as Yo-Yo Ma and Mstislav Rostropovich. Ilham actively collaborates with a number of Azerbaijanian composers. In 1990 Akshin Alizade invites him to perform part on national wind instruments in his 5th Symphony. In 2000 Frangiz Ali-zade includes ney part (specially required for Jo-jo Ma, who performed with Ilham Najafov ) into her chamber composition. Dervish. , successfully performed already in USA and Europe. Siyavish Kerimi has arranged for him several folk tunes. In 1995 his first music album was released. At present time he is finishing the work on his second CD album.


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    .lham N.c.fov

    Bak., Az.rbaycan


    +994 50 210 40 92

    Baku, Azerbaijan


    +994 55 210 40 92



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    Sting - Shape Of My Heart (Azerbaijan Cover)

    Sting - Shape Of My Heart (Azerbaijan Cover) Ilham NAJAFOV | "Bizim AVAZ"

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    Madcon - Beggin (Azerbaijan Cover) Ilham NAJAFOV | "Bizim AVAZ"

    Madcon - Beggin (Azerbaijan Cover)

    Madcon - Beggin (Azerbaijan Cover) Ilham NAJAFOV | "Bizim AVAZ"